World-First Genomics Research

Using genomics to treat rare and complex diseases.

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Associate Professor Robert Weatheritt
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The life-changing power of genomics

This is the beginning of a new frontier in the treatment of complex and rare diseases that affect millions of Australians. By donating today, you are supporting this world-first genomics research, where Garvan scientists are combining key technologies. 


Gene editing

Garvan is now one of the leading hubs for genomics research, where our scientists are combining key technologies to treat complex and rare diseases. Associate Professor Rob Weatheritt is using a gene editing tool called CRISPR, which acts like ‘genetic scissors’. He explains: 

 “CRISPR enables us to go in with forensic specificity. We can give it a set of instructions and the CRISPR machinery will go to a particular part of the genome and edit it with high precision.” 

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