Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Programs (payroll giving) are a simple tax-effective way to make regular donations to Garvan medical research. Its regular and stable nature enables Garvan to budget and develop medical research programs well into the future.

Every dollar raised via Workplace Giving goes directly to Garvan – no commissions or administration costs are deducted and as the donations are taken from pre-tax income, it’s doubly effective.

"You feel much better about your job when your organisation enables you to do something worthwhile in the community. There’s a sense of pride being involved.” - The Australian Charities Fund

The Garvan Research Foundation will be pleased to provide presentations at your workplace to encourage your Workplace Giving Program or acknowledge your staff’s philanthropy.

Workplace giving allows our Corporate Partners to achieve:

  • enhanced employee morale and retention through teamwork
  • alignment with a brand of international excellence for the betterment of health in the wider community
  • positive relationships and perception with the community
  • enhanced corporate image


Contact Details

If you would like to discuss the possibilities that would work best for your company, please contact:

Jessica Jones, Community and Corporate Partnerships Coordinator

  (02) 9295 8115

Further information can also be found on the Australian Government website


Why participate in Workplace Giving?

For every dollar Garvan receives from competitive Government grants, we need another 0.70c to carry out the research.

If just 10% of Australians in the workforce gave $5 per week through their Workplace Giving Program, the community would benefit from an additional $260 million!

What will your money do?

  • $500 can buy a mini centrifuge
  • $1,000 can buy 1 micro-array gene chip
  • $5,000 can buy 5 pipette starter sets
  • $10,000 plus will top up a PhD Scholarship

Staff engagement opportunities

Staff can get involved with Garvan in the following ways:

  • Community fundraising – morning teas, golf days
  • Garvan Open Day – volunteer to assist us at this event or bring your family and enjoy the day!
  • Skill Share – brainstorming days, project management
  • Workplace presentations – general or research area specific
  • Young Garvan – 18-35 year old staff are invited to attend parties & forums
  • Garvan seminars
  • Personalised tours
  • Garvan speakers at corporate events 
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