Corel Garling

Corel Garling
03 February 1944 - 11 February 2016

On the 11th of February 2016 at 11:45 PM, my darling wife of 51 years lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.

Corel’s fight to survive was truly inspirational. Over nearly four years she faced 80 infusions of chemotherapy, a total pancreatectomy, and the resulting Type 1 diabetes with hope, determination and without complaint.

Corel was a Wollongong girl. She loved her family above all else and was passionate about ballet, opera, theatre, bushwalking, bird watching and all environmental issues. She was determined to help build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Corel’s daughters, Georgia and Stephanie, her son-in-law, Yuri, her grandchildren, Morgan, Seeley and Willa, her sister Wendy’s family and other relatives, her many friends and I will always love and terribly miss her.

My darling wife:

“You are everything of joy and beauty.

Everything of joy and beauty is the thought of you.”

Please donate to support research to eliminate this horrible disease. No-one deserves to die this way.

-- Ian Garling