Michael and Joy Foulsham – A Legacy That Lasts

Michael and Joy Foulsham – A Legacy That Lasts
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Michael and Joy Foulsham – A Legacy That Lasts

Michael and Joy Foulsham have been donating to the Garvan for many years, and over those years have become increasingly passionate about its research and discoveries. It’s a passion that comes from first-hand experience. Since 1989, Mrs Foulsham has been treated for osteoporosis by Professor John Eisman AO, Director of the Garvan’s bone research program.

Mrs Foulsham says, “We think it’s really important to support the work of the Garvan. We’ve become more involved in recent years, and we are so impressed by the researchers we meet. They are such hard working and dedicated people.”

Mr Foulsham adds, “They seem to be producing really worthwhile research results. Almost weekly we hear something in the news about important research coming out of the Garvan.”

The couple has left a lasting legacy to the Garvan in their will. Mrs Foulsham says that the Garvan has meant so much to them over the years – the decision to leave a bequest was not difficult at all.

“I would say that people need to think carefully about how they go about leaving a bequest,” says Michael Foulsham. “As we’ve seen recently, finances can change in the blink of an eye, so while you might be in a position to bequest a certain dollar figure when you make your will, that situation might have changed by the time your estate is realised. I personally think it’s safer to bequest a percentage of your estate, rather than a set dollar figure.”

The Garvan sincerely thanks Mr and Mrs Foulsham for their ongoing commitment to the work of the Institute. If you would like more information about leaving a bequest to the Garvan in your will, please contact Carol O’Carroll on 02 9295 8117, or email c.ocarroll@garvan.org.au