Rick Stevens – The Future of Medical Research is in Good Hands

Rick Stevens – The Future of Medical Research is in Good Hands
Partner For The Future
Rick Stevens – The Future of Medical Research is in Good Hands

Rick Stevens has spent more than 45 years educating a generation of Australians. Now, as a Garvan Partner for the Future, he is leaving a legacy for future generations.

A semi-retired educator and educational author, Rick Stevens is a busy man. He remains active in a number of professional organisations, chairs the Council of a Sydney Anglican school, supervises student teachers and volunteers as a maths and religious teacher. To say he is passionate about education is an understatement.

Mr Stevens first became acquainted with Garvan’s work through an association with the late Professor Rob Sutherland’s family (head of Garvan’s Cancer Program for 27 years, and inaugural Director of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre). The more he learnt about Garvan’s work and breakthroughs, the more he wanted to contribute. So, Rick decided to start making an annual donation. He said, “I was impressed by the way Garvan kept donors informed about its research and discoveries. I also found the seminars to be very informative. I particularly appreciate the way Garvan scientists can speak about their highly complex research, but make it simple and easy to understand.”

When the time came for Rick to review his will, he decided to leave a bequest to four charities, of which Garvan is one. Since then he has been impressed by the way Garvan embraces its Partners for the Future (those who have left a lasting legacy to medical research by including a bequest in their will), going above and beyond to show gratitude and keep them informed.

Due to experiences of family, friends and even some of his students, Mr Stevens has an interest in a number of the disease areas researched at Garvan: from cancer, Type 2 diabetes and obesity, to osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia. Rick is pleased to be playing a role in helping to unlock the secrets to these devastating diseases.

Mr Stevens said, “Every time I visit Garvan, I am reminded of what an amazing place it is. What really strikes me is the age range of the scientists. From those who have recently graduated through to world-class senior scientists like Professor John Shine. It is encouraging to know that the future of medical research will be in good hands, and that I am playing a small part.”

If you would like more information about Garvan, or leaving a bequest to Garvan in your will, please contact Carol O’Carroll on 02 9295 8117, or email .