Partners for the Future

As part of Include a Charity Week, the Garvan Research Foundation is celebrating its Partners for The Future focusing on the hope they provide and lasting legacies they leave.

The Garvan Research Foundation celebrates the foresight and generosity of our Partners for the Future each and every day. During Include a Charity Week (5-11 September), we’ve taken the opportunity to shine a light on just a few of our generous Partners for the Future.

‘Partner for the Future’ is a phrase coined for someone who has remembered Garvan with a gift in their Will. Partners for the Future are incredibly important members of the Garvan family, providing vital support for our research and enabling us to plan for the future.

In Australia, 87% of people will support a charity and 29% of people will consider remembering a charity in their Will (after their family and friends have been provided for). However, only 7.5% of people will actually include a gift for a charity in their Will. This makes Garvan’s Partners for the Future even more exceptional and big-hearted.

Please enjoy getting to know a small selection of our Partners for the Future, and why they are supporting medical research that will benefit all mankind beyond their lifetimes. 


Ms Claire Greaves

Claire Greaves

As well as being a Garvan Partner for the Future, Claire regularly volunteers with the Garvan Research Foundation.

Of leaving a legacy to Garvan in her Will, Claire says: “I think the greatest gift anyone can give is the gift of good health. When you leave a bequest in your Will to the Garvan Institute, you facilitate the gift of good health, whether it is a gift to ‘somebody’ or society generally.”

Mr Trevor Guest 

Trevor Guest

Trevor is a Partner for the Future and a current donor to Garvan. It was after a trip from Cairns to Sydney and a tour of Garvan that Trevor decided to include Garvan in his Will.

He said: “I was completely overwhelmed. I confirmed that Garvan is included in my Will. I also decided to establish the Patricia Helen Guest Fellowship, in memory of my beloved wife, to support Garvan’s cancer research efforts.”

Mr and Mrs Gabriel and Joan Farago 

Gabriel and Joan Farago

“We asked ourselves, what could possibly be more important than supporting cutting-edge medical research which will benefit generations to come? The answer was obvious - we became Garvan bequestors.” – Mr and Mrs Gabriel and Joan Farago – Partners for the Future. 


Mr and Mrs Terry and Helen Jones 

Terry and Helen Jones

Garvan met Terry and Helen when they expressed an interest in learning about Garvan’s research into autoimmune diseases. After a meeting with Professor Antony Basten from Garvan’s Immunology Division, Terry and Helen decided to support research beyond their lifetimes.

They said: “Our hope is to support numerous Garvan scientists to discover better ways to detect, treat and hopefully prevent autoimmune and immunological diseases.”

Mr Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens

The more Rick, a semi-retired educator and author, learnt about Garvan’s research, the more he wanted to contribute. He started to make annual donations and when the time came to review his Will, Rick decided to leave a bequest to four charities, of which Garvan is one.

He says: “Every time I visit Garvan, I am reminded of what an amazing place it is. What really strikes me is the age range of the scientists. It is encouraging to know that the future of medical research will be in good hands, and that I am playing a small part.”

Mr William Walker

William Walker

Mr Walker is a passionate supporter of Garvan’s work and recently reached an exciting milestone – his 100th birthday!

Of his decision to leave a gift to Garvan in his Will, Mr Walker said: “Statistics show that people are living longer, thanks to medical research. By remembering Garvan in my will, I feel I am making a contribution to the increasing longevity of my fellow man.”

Mr Peter Bolton and Mr Alan Barnes 

Peter Bolton and Mr Alan Barnes

Peter and Alan first visited Garvan in 2013. Having a number of loved ones taken by disease and illness, Peter and Alan are passionate about medical research.

They’d always been open to the idea of including charities in their Wills and it was the breadth of the research being undertaken at Garvan that influenced their decision to confirm their gift.

Recently, Peter and Alan were holidaying in Hawaii. At the same time, Carol O’Carroll Bequest Manager at Garvan, eloped with her now husband, Ian. You can see by the photo what a special                                                                           occasion it was! 

Ms Susanne de Beuzeville

Susanne de Beuzeville

Susanne explained why she became a Partner for the Future at a recent Garvan event. We were lucky enough to capture the event on video, so we’ll let Susanne do the talking!