Video: Prof Andrew Biankin (Laboratory Head - Pancreatic Cancer Research)

"We're trying to make a real difference to how pancreatic cancer is treated. Donors shouldn't underestimate the immense contribution you make to this work."


The Difference Your Support of Garvan Makes

Medical research - saving lives

Medical research has already made a profound difference to our lives. For example, over the past 20 years we have seen the survival rate of many common cancers increase by up to 30%.

A gift to Garvan allows our scientists to continue contributing to knowledge which will ultimately lead to earlier diagnosis, better disease management, new therapies and prevention or cure of a range of diseases. Read more about the work you support


Why Garvan needs your help

Your donations to Garvan, through the Garvan Research Foundation, are vital to ensuring our work can continue. This is because grants through major Australian funding body the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) do not cover the full costs of research.

For every $1 received through these grants, Garvan requires another $0.70 to do our work.

This is to cover the:

  • Establishment and maintenance costs of shared state of the art scientific facilities
  • Funding of novel projects that are too early-stage to be eligible for grants
  • Costs of the high tech IT needed to run complex scientific analyses and databases
  • Purchase of equipment vital to our work such as gene chip machines and microscopes

Without your support Garvan scientists would not be able to do their work.  


Why give to Garvan?

  • Garvan is a world-renowned institute with a history of significant breakthroughs
  • Garvan attracts the finest mindsProf John Mattick, our Executive Director, is internationally recognised as a leader in his field 
  • Garvan scientists collaborate both internationally and amongst themselves across a range of diseases. A breakthrough in one area often leads to a discovery in another
  • Garvan is recognised for excellence in medical research. We have a success rate in funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRCwell above the national average
  • In 2012 we published 224 papers with an average impact factor of 9.2 for the top 80% - well above the international benchmark. Each paper represents a new piece of knowledge contributed to the global understanding of disease.
  • Garvan's accounts are transparent and externally audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers and Annual Reports are available on this site.
  • The Garvan Research Foundation's cost to income ratio for 2012 was 13% - well below industry standards.