Garvan's 2021 breast cancer virtual seminar

Join us for a free virtual breast cancer seminar on Zoom, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2021.

Hear our research advances in new treatments, drug resistance and metastasis, and new clinical trials.

Hosted by Prof Elgene Lim, A/Prof Alex Swarbrick and Dr Elizabeth Caldon, this year’s seminar will include Prof Geoffrey Lindeman, one of Australia’s eminent breast cancer researchers. The seminar will also include an update on Garvan’s breast cancer research and clinical trials at St Vincent’s hospital.


Meet our speakers

Prof Elgene Lim 

Prof Elgene Lim is a medical oncologist and researcher with a focus on breast cancer research and treatment. 

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A/Prof Alex Swarbrick

A/Prof Alex Swarbrick is a Principal Research Fellow and Head of Garvan’s Tumour Progression Laboratory.

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Dr Liz Caldon

Dr Liz Caldon leads the Replication and Genome Stability research group at Garvan.

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Prof Geoff Lindeman

Prof Geoff Lindeman is a clinician-scientist focusing on breast stem cell biology and translational breast cancer research.

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