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July 2020


Dr Sara Ballouz
"Immune diseases and why they are more common in women"

Dr Lisa Ewans
"Rare genetic diseases, causes and treatment"

Dr Peter Schofield
"Antibody therapy and COVID-19"


July 2020


Dr David Gallego-Ortega
"Development of new generation breast cancer therapies"

Dr Joanna Achinger-Kawecka
"3D DNA models and its importance in prostate cancer treatment"

A/Prof Elissa Deenick
"Autoimmune diseases, treatment and diagnosis"

Dr Michelle McDonald
"Osteoporosis and the impact of common prescribed drugs"


June 2020




Dr Alisa Kane

Dr Sara Wahlroos

A/Prof Tri Phan


June 2020

Prof Stuart Tangye
"Searching for genes to protect against COVID-19"

A/Prof Joseph Powell
"Investigating genes linked to severe COVID-19 in immune cells"

Prof Daniel Christ 
Engineering antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

Dr Ira Deveson
"Tracing the evolution and transmission of coronavirus using genome sequencing technology"

Dr Mandy Ballinger 

“Born unequal: overcoming the risk of cancer”

Dr Warren Kaplan
"Engineering and computation for medical research beyond 2020"

Mr Andrew Law 
"Achieving the next generation of precision medicine using tissue engineering"

Ms Mary-Anne Young 

"The lifelong value of our genome"


Prof Tuan V. Nguyen

“Osteoporosis: not just facture”

Prof David Ryugo 
"Hearing and the Brain: Making sense of sound and hearing loss"

Dr Marina Pajic
"Towards precision medicine for pancreatic cancer"

Prof Katherine Samaras 

"Sweet memories: glucose, diabetes and brain health and ageing"

Prof Luke Hesson
“Transforming cancer treatments through genetics”

Dr Simon Junankar 
"Breast cancer and immunotherapies to the bone and back "

Bella Shadur
"Stories from the Lab - Immunology"

Prof Vanessa Hayes 

"Stories from the Lab in remote African desert"

April 2019

Dr Robert Weatheritt
"Jumping genes and loneliness"

Kiera Grierson
"Balance in the brain"

Nikki Lee
"Brain control and energy manipulation"

Welcome to the brain!

October 2018

Dr Michael Muniak
"Brain circuits and hearing"

Kiera Grierson
"Hidden hearing loss"

Prof Herbert Herzog
"Appetite regulation and eating disorders"

Dr Yanchuan Shi
"How the brain controls fat burning"

Dr Robert Weatheritt
"Oil and water: The idea revolutionizing neuroscience"

Associate Prof Antony Cooper
"Neurogenomics shedding light on Parkinson’s disease"

You & your 206 bones: forming a living world more dynamic, complex and vibrant then you may know

August 2018

Dr Michelle McDonald
"Welcome to the mysterious world of bone. What is bone?" 

Prof Mike Rogers
“Welcome to the mysterious world of bone. What does bone do?”

A/Prof Paul Baldock 
“Controlling the system: an insight into the bone underworld”

Dr Weiwen Chen
“What happens when it all goes wrong? Osteoporosis”

Dr Niall Byrne
“What happens when it all goes wrong? Cancer” 

Prof Peter Croucher
“Solving the biggest mysteries: Multiple Myeloma and cell dormancy”

Dr Angela Sheu
“Targeting therapies: treating diseases of the bone” 

Unlocking Disease & Finding HOPE

June 2018

Prof Stuart Tangye
“Introduction to Immunology: A meet & greet with our body’s defence system”

Dr Alisa Kane
“Fighting a war without an army: Immunodeficiency's explained”

A/Prof Tri Phan
“Sending in the reinforcements: Where are we at with immunotherapies?”

Dr Joanne Reed
“Finding HOPE and targeting rogue clones”

Prof Chris Goodnow
“The importance of medical research”

“Epi-what? Demystifying the world of epigenetics"

May 2018

Prof Susan Clark
“The what, why & how of epigenetics”

Amanda Khoury
“How does 2 metres of DNA fit into every single cell? A look at epigenetics in 3D”

Dr Ksenia Skvortsova
“Epigenetic inheritance: you are what your grandmother ate; fact or fiction?”

Dr Stephen Bradford
“Epigenetics and the environment: impact on obesity and metabolic disorder susceptibility”

Qian Du
“Epigenetics, age and cancer: what do they have in common?”

Dr Ruth Pidsley
“Epigenetics and cancer detection: thinking outside the box”

Dr Clare Stirzaker
“Epigenetics therapy: a new frontier for cancer treatment”

Dr Shalima Nair
“Investing in advanced sequencing technology to solve the epigenetic puzzle”

“Treating and preventing overweight and obesity related diseases”

February 2018


Prof Don Chisholm
“Progress in Diabetes: Banting & Best to NOW”

Dr Jerry Greenfield
“What makes us gain weight: Genes vs Environment”

Dr Katherine Tonks
“Treatment of overweight & obesity related diseases”

Dr Martin Whitham
“Exercise small talk”