A/Prof Liz Caldon

A/Prof Liz Caldon

Awards and Honours

2021-2024 Cancer Institute NSW Fellowship
2021-2023 Mavis Robertson NBCF Fellowship
2018 - The Ridley Ken Davies Award
2017 - Heliflite Young Explorer Award
2017-2020 National Breast Cancer Foundation Career Development Fellowship
2015 - CHAMP Private Equity Young Pioneer Award
2014 - Cancer Institute Career Development Fellowship
2013 - Cure Cancer Conference and Professional Development Grant
2013 - “Best Translational Research Presentation”, Lowy Cancer Symposium, UNSW, Sydney, Australia
2011-2016 - National Breast Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
2011 - Cure Cancer Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship
2010 - Young Garvan Fellowship
2009 - Qantas Research Travel Award
2005-2007 - Cancer Institute NSW Scholar
2004 - Beth Yarrow Scholarship
2003 - LH Ainsworth Scholarship in Cancer Research
2002 - Connaught Graduate Fellowship, University of Toronto


2007 - PhD, University of NSW, Sydney - Australia
2003 - MSc University of Toronto - Canada
2001 - Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia
1998 - BSc (Hons, University Medal) University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia


The amazing organisations that make our research possible are:

  • NBCF (IIRS Grants)
  • Cancer Institute NSW
  • NHMRC (Project Grant)
  • Sphere CAG
  • Tour de Cure
  • Perpetual Impact
  • Mostyn Foundation

Selected Publications


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Editorialised in Spoerri et al (2013) Cell Cycle 12(5): 715 and Geng et al (2013) Cell Cycle 12(8):1165.­­

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