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Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Our mission

Translating science into better health outcomes for everyone

We see a future where your DNA is used to prevent and treat disease. As a global leader in discovery research and translating groundbreaking science from the lab to the clinic, we are revolutionising human health with personalised medicine tailored to each patient.

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Our goal is to see our research discoveries achieve impact

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Total publications in 2022, including journal articles, reports, reviews, letters, books and book chapters

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Number of clinical trials examining the translation of Garvan research breakthroughs into improved healthcare for patients

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Number of Garvan researchers and support staff pioneering discoveries across the diseases that have the deepest impact on our community

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Solving the most complex scientific problems and unlocking the secrets of invisible biological processes requires the brightest minds. We bring together researchers with diverse expertise and know-how to drive discovery research.Explore all researchers

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