Dr Astrid Magenau

Dr Astrid Magenau

After graduation from the University of Konstanz in Germany with a M.Sci. in Immunology, I moved to Sydney to embark on a PhD at the Centre for Vascular Research at UNSW. During my PhD I focused on unravelling the role of membrane order and lipid rafts during phagocytosis by macrophages. The PhD pro
Research Officer

After graduation from the University of Konstanz in Germany with a M.Sci. in Immunology, I moved to Sydney to embark on a PhD at the Centre for Vascular Research at UNSW. During my PhD I focused on unravelling the role of membrane order and lipid rafts during phagocytosis by macrophages. The PhD project involved advanced imaging techniques.

Since the laboratory I was working in was a leader in the field of advanced microscopy methods, I decided to follow up the PhD with a post-doc position. During this time I contributed to the development and establishment of fluorescence based superresolution microscopy and used this technique to investigate the role of lipid membrane anchors in protein targeting to ordered domains in the cell membrane. I joined Paul Timpson’s group to apply advanced imaging techniques to the study of cancer invasion and metastasis.

Research Interests

Advanced imaging techniques
Invasion and metastasis
Drug induced changes in protein activity


2009 - PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia
2004 - MSc, University of Konstanz, Germany

Selected Publications

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