Dr Max Nobis

Dr Max Nobis

Following my MSc in Oncology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, I went on to work in Prof Kurt Anderson’s lab at the CRUK Beatson Institute in Glasgow. My PhD project focused on characterising FRET biosensor mice and their use in studying disease progression in mouse models of mammary and pancr
Research Officer

Conjoint/Adjunct Role(s)

Conjoint Lecturer, St Vincent's Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

Following my MSc in Oncology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, I went on to work in Prof Kurt Anderson’s lab at the CRUK Beatson Institute in Glasgow. My PhD project focused on characterising FRET biosensor mice and their use in studying disease progression in mouse models of mammary and pancreatic cancer, as well as their use in monitoring pharmacodynamics in vivo, employing optical window imaging.

I joined Dr Paul Timpson’s lab to apply advanced imaging techniques in the study of pancreatic cancer disease progression and treatment, using FRET biosensor mice in conjunction with genetic mouse models of pancreatic cancer and patient specific biomarkers for the tailoring of personalized treatment regimens.

Research Interests

Advanced Imaging Techniques
Fluorescent Biosensors
Invasion and Metastasis
Signal Transduction in Cancer
Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Tumour Microenvironment
Personalised Medicine

Awards and Honours

CINSW Early Career Fellow 2018
Lorne 2017 Cancer Conference Poster Prize


2016 – PhD, CRUK Beatson Institute, University of Glasgow – UK
2012 – MSc, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – The Netherlands
2009 – BSc, University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg – Germany

Selected Publications

Warren SC, Nobis M, Magenau A, Mohammed YH, Herrmann D, Moran I, Vennin C, Conway JR, Mélénec P, Cox TR, Wang Y, Morton JP, Welch HC, Strathdee D, Anderson KI, Phan TG, Roberts MS, Timpson P. Removing physiological motion from intravital and clinical functional imaging data. Elife. 2018 Jul 9;7. pii: e35800.

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Nobis M*, Warren SC*, Lucas MC, Murphy KJ, Herrmann D, Timpson, P. Molecular mobility and activity in an intravital imaging setting - implications for cancer progression and targeting. J Cell Sci. 2018 Mar 6;131(5). pii: jcs206995.

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