Dr Niantao Deng

Senior Research Officer - The Tumour Progression Laboratory

Dr Niantao Deng

Niantao Deng obtained his bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2006. He then completed his Masters study in statistics and his PhD study in Computation Biology at the National University of Singapore. He has worked on multiple projects on genetic and epigenet


Niantao Deng obtained his bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2006. He then completed his Masters study in statistics and his PhD study in Computation Biology at the National University of Singapore.

He has worked on multiple projects on genetic and epigenetic characterisation of Gastric Cancer using large cohorts of high-throughput microarray and sequencing data. His current interests are to extend the use of statistical methodologies to analyse/integrate large cohorts of breast cancer datasets and help to address some critical questions, such as disease stratification and drug response prediction..

Awards and Honours

2016 - National Breast Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017 - 2020
2013 - Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad
2013 - JSPS HOPE Fellow
2012 - Merck Millipore Young Scientist Award 2011 (top10)
2009 - NGS Scholarship 2009-2013, NUS
2006 - Research Scholarship 2006-2008, NUS


2013 - PhD (Computational Biology), National University of Singapore - Singapore
2008 - MSc (Statistics), National University of Singapore - Singapore
2006 - BSc (Applied Mathematics), Shanghai Jiao Tong University - China

Selected Publications

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