Dr Simon Junankar

Dr Simon Junankar

Simon’s research career has centred around cancer and the immune system, he believes that understanding the interactions between tumours and the immune system holds the key to the development of successful new cancer treatments. Simon has worked in academic and industry research laboratories in Aust


Simon’s research career has centred around cancer and the immune system, he believes that understanding the interactions between tumours and the immune system holds the key to the development of successful new cancer treatments. Simon has worked in academic and industry research laboratories in Australia, the UK and the USA. While working in the highly successful laboratory of Prof. Lisa Coussens (UCSF, USA), he gained insight into how immune cells can promote tumour growth. 

Simon’s PhD studies with Dr Alex Swarbrick in the Cancer Division, Garvan Institute, demonstrated a key role for the transcriptional regulator ID4 in mammary epithelial cell fate decisions and the basal-subtype of breast cancer.  He then took up a post-doc position within the Bone Biology Division at Garvan Institute where he determined that bisphosphonate drugs, a type of drug that are currently used to treat patients with osteoporosis and cancer-associated bone destruction also target tumour promoting macrophages within breast tumours. 

Returning to the Cancer Division in 2016, Simon received an NBCF post-doctoral fellowship to investigate how the immune system and immunotherapies shape the clonal outgrowth of breast cancer at different metastatic sites.


Simon is a current member of the Postdoctoral Development committee and the Workplace Equity committee. 

Awards and Honours

2018 - Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign Award
2017 - CHAMP private equity Young Pioneer Award
2017 - Poster Prize, 2nd Australian Translational Breast Cancer Research Symposium
2016 - National Breast Cancer Foundation Post Doctoral Fellowship
2015 - Poster Prize, 23rd St Vincent’s Research Symposium
2015 - Runner Up, Young Garvan Award 2015
2015 - Best Demonstration of Translation, 3rd Sydney Catalyst PG&ECR Symposium
2013 - Poster Award, 13th International Cancer Induced Bone Disease Meeting
2013 - Travel Award, 13th International Cancer Induced Bone Disease Meeting
2013 - Amgen Outstanding Abstract Award, 23rd ANZBMS Annual Scientific Meeting
2013 - Travel Award, 23rd ANZBMS Annual Scientific Meeting
2013 - Postdoctoral Oral Presentation Prize, 21st NSW ASMR Scientific Meeting
2012 - Poster Prize, 24th Lorne Cancer Conference
2012 - Travel Award, 24th Lorne Cancer Conference
2011 - UNSW PRSS Travel Award, Stem Cells, Cancer and Metastasis, Keystone Symposia
2011 - Travel Award, 23rd Lorne Cancer Conference
2009 - Travel Award, 21st Lorne Cancer Conference
2009 - Cancer Institute NSW, Research Scholars Award
2008 - Australian Postgraduate Award
1997 - Student Scholarship in the Membrane Biology Program, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University


2012 - PhD, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and UNSW Australia - Australia
2000 - BSc with Hons in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Australian National University - Australia

Selected Publications

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