Prof Stuart Tangye

Professor Stuart Tangye completed his PhD on B-cell leukemia under the supervision of Prof Bob Raison at the University of Technology Sydney in 1995 and then undertook postdoctoral training at the DNAX Research Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology (Palo Alto California, USA; 1996-1999) in th
Head - Immunology Division

Principal Research Fellow

Conjoint/Adjunct Role(s)

Conjoint Professor, St Vincent’s Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

Professor Stuart Tangye completed his PhD on B-cell leukemia under the supervision of Prof Bob Raison at the University of Technology Sydney in 1995 and then undertook postdoctoral training at the DNAX Research Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology (Palo Alto California, USA; 1996-1999) in the laboratories of Drs Jan de Vries, Joe Phillips and Lewis Lanier.

It was during this time that his passion for human immunology, cell biology and immune deficiencies was ignited. He returned to Australia in 2000 as a University of Sydney Research Fellow to work with Dr Phil Hodgkin at the Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology (University of Sydney). He established his own independent research lab in 2002, and was recruited to the Garvan Institute in 2006.

Since 1995, he has published >100 peer-reviewed research articles and invited reviews. In 2011, he received the Gottschalk Medal from the Australian Academy of Sciences, which recognises “outstanding research in the medical sciences by scientists no more than 40 years of age”. In addition to overseeing his own research lab, he serves as the Deputy Editor of the journal Immunology & Cell Biology, as an Associate Editor of Journal of Immunology, and an Advisory Editor for the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

He is regularly invited to present his latest findings at numerous international immunology conferences. The Tangye lab has been supported by Research Fellowships and Program and Project grants awarded by the NHMRC, Cancer Council NSW, Association for International Cancer Research (UK), XLP Research Trust (UK) and the Cancer Institute NSW.

Research Interests

Human immunology and immunodeficiency
Transcriptional regulation of lymphocyte function
Cytokine biology
Pathogenesis of human immunological diseases
Infectious susceptibility in human primary immunodeficiencies

Awards and Honours

2015 - Fulbright Senior Scholarship - Australian-USA Fulbright Commission
2013 - UTS Alumni Award for Excellence – Faculty of Science
2013-2017 - Principal Research Fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia
2011 - Gottschalk Medal, Australian Academy of Science
2008-2012 - Senior Research Fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia
2006 - Young Tall Poppy, Office of Science and Medical Research
2004-2007 - RD Wright Career Development Fellowship (Biomedical), National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia
1992 - University Medal, University of Technology


1996 - PhD, University of Technology Sydney - Australia
1992 - B App Sci (Biomedical); Hons First Class and the University Medal, University of Technology Sydney - Australia

Selected Publications

Tangye SG. Pathogenic CD4+ T cells regulating B-cell differentiation in autoimmunity: not exactly Tfh cells. Immunol Cell Biol. (May 2017) 95(5):419-421

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