Clinical Obesity, Nutrition and Adipose Biology Lab

Clinical Obesity, Nutrition and Adipose Biology Lab

Our research focuses on how metabolism and metabolic conditions impact human health and ageing. Our interest is how adverse metabolic effects may be prevented or reversed.
We are undertaking a number of projects, including:
  • how metabolism (blood glucose, blood fats, inflammation and other biomarkers) impact ageing, cognition and the brain, in people with diabetes and obesity, but also in older people without these conditions.
  • the MetMemory Study. This study examines whether a commonly prescribed diabetes medication may prevent cognitive decline and brain ageing in older people.
  • the impact of diabetes and obesity on epigenetic programming. That is, altering the expression of our genetic code.
  • the gut microbiome in type 1 diabetes and the impact of nutritional interventions.

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Brain ageing and

MetMemory study

Type 1 diabetes and
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Diabetes and obesity

Bariatric surgery

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Epigenetics in obesity

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