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Astrid Magenau

Dr Astrid Magenau

Senior Research Assistant
Invasion and Metastasis Lab

After graduation from the University of Konstanz in Germany with a MSc in Immunology, Dr Astrid Magenau moved to Sydney to embark on a PhD at the Centre for Vascular Research at UNSW. During her PhD she focused on unravelling the role of membrane order and lipid rafts during phagocytosis by macrophages, using advanced imaging techniques.

Since the laboratory Astrid was working in was a leader in the field of advanced microscopy methods, she decided to follow up the PhD with a post-doctoral position. During this time she contributed to the development and establishment of fluorescence-based super-resolution microscopy and used this technique to investigate the role of lipid membrane anchors in protein targeting to ordered domains in the cell membrane. At Garvan, Astrid joined Professor Paul Timpson’s Invasion and Metastasis Lab to apply advanced imaging techniques to the study of cancer invasion and metastasis.

Selected publications

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  • 2023
    Science Advances10.1126/sciadv.adf9063

    Monitoring AKT activity and targeting in live tissue and disease contexts using a real-time Akt-FRET biosensor mouse.

    James R W Conway, Sean C Warren, Young-Kyung Lee, Andrew T McCulloch, Astrid Magenau, Victoria Lee, Xanthe L Metcalf, Janett Stoehr, Katharina Haigh, Lea Abdulkhalek, Cristian S Guaman, Daniel A Reed, Kendelle J Murphy, Brooke A Pereira, Pauline Mélénec, Cecilia Chambers, Sharissa L Latham, Helen Lenthall, Elissa K Deenick, Yuanqing Ma, Tri Phan, Elgene Lim, Anthony M Joshua, Stacey Walters, Shane T Grey, Yan-Chuan Shi, Lei Zhang, Herbert Herzog, David R Croucher, Andy Philp, Colinda L G J Scheele, David Herrmann, Owen J Sansom, Jennifer P Morton, Antonella Papa, Jody J Haigh, Max Nobis, Paul Timpson
  • 2022

    Cell-derived Matrix Assays to Assess Extracellular Matrix Architecture and Track Cell Movement.

    Kendelle J Murphy, Daniel A Reed, Cecilia R Chambers, Jessie Zhu, Astrid Magenau, Brooke A Pereira, Paul Timpson, David Herrmann
  • 2021
    Science Advances10.1126/sciadv.abh0363

    Intravital imaging technology guides FAK-mediated priming in pancreatic cancer precision medicine according to Merlin status.

    Kendelle J Murphy, Daniel A Reed, Claire Vennin, James R W Conway, Max Nobis, Julia X Yin, Cecilia R Chambers, Brooke A Pereira, Victoria Lee, Elysse C Filipe, Michael Trpceski, Shona Ritchie, Morghan C Lucas, Sean C Warren, Joanna N Skhinas, Astrid Magenau, Xanthe L Metcalf, Janett Stoehr, Gretel Major, Ashleigh Parkin, Romain Bidanel, Ruth J Lyons, Anaiis Zaratzian, Michael Tayao, Andrew Da Silva, Lea Abdulkhalek, , , Anthony J Gill, Amber L Johns, Andrew V Biankin, Jaswinder Samra, Sean M Grimmond, Angela Chou, Jacky G Goetz, Michael S Samuel, J Guy Lyons, Andrew Burgess, C Elizabeth Caldon, Lisa G Horvath, Roger J Daly, Nikolaj Gadegaard, Yingxiao Wang, Owen J Sansom, Jennifer P Morton, Thomas R Cox, Marina Pajic, David Herrmann, Paul Timpson
  • 2021
    Cell Reports10.1016/j.celrep.2021.108945

    Single-cell transcriptomics reveals involution mimicry during the specification of the basal breast cancer subtype.

    Fátima Valdés-Mora, Robert Salomon, Brian Stewart Gloss, Andrew Man Kit Law, Jeron Venhuizen, Lesley Castillo, Kendelle Joan Murphy, Astrid Magenau, Michael Papanicolaou, Laura Rodriguez de la Fuente, Daniel Lee Roden, Yolanda Colino-Sanguino, Zoya Kikhtyak, Nona Farbehi, James Ronald William Conway, Neblina Sikta, Samantha Richelle Oakes, Thomas Robert Cox, Seán Ignatius O'Donoghue, Paul Timpson, Christopher John Ormandy, David Gallego-Ortega
  • 2018
    Nature Communications10.1038/s41467-018-07497-z

    ROBO2 is a stroma suppressor gene in the pancreas and acts via TGF-β signalling.

    Andreia V Pinho, Mathias Van Bulck, Lorraine Chantrill, Mehreen Arshi, Tatyana Sklyarova, David Herrmann, Claire Vennin, David Gallego-Ortega, Amanda Mawson, Marc Giry-Laterriere, Astrid Magenau, Gunther Leuckx, Luc Baeyens, Anthony J Gill, Phoebe Phillips, Paul Timpson, Andrew V Biankin, Jianmin Wu, Ilse Rooman