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David Herrmann

Dr David Herrmann

Group Leader
Invasion and Metastasis Lab

Dr David Herrmann completed his Diploma and PhD studies in the field of Developmental Biology in Freiburg, Germany. Due to the strong similarities between embryonic development and cancerogenesis he became interested in joining Dr Paul Timpson’s research group to work on invasion and metastasis, moving to Sydney to join the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2012.


  • 2016Young Garvan Finalist:
  • 2010Traveling grant from the CDB Riken Center - Japan to attend the meeting “Frontiers in Organogenesis” - Kobe
  • 2009Member of the GRK1104 “From Cells to Organs: Molecular Mechanisms of Organogenesis”
  • 2008Alumni-Diploma Award - University of Freiburg - Faculty of Biology

Selected publications

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  • 2023
    BioRxiv : The Preprint Server for Biology10.1101/2023.12.03.569812

    Fibroblast Growth Factor-induced lens fiber cell elongation is driven by the stepwise activity of Rho and Rac.

    Yuki Sugiyama, Daniel A Reed, David Herrmann, Frank J Lovicu, Michael L Robinson, Paul Timpson, Ichiro Masai
  • 2023
    Science Advances10.1126/sciadv.abp9530

    BCRP drives intrinsic chemoresistance in chemotherapy-naïve breast cancer brain metastasis.

    Rebeca Uceda-Castro, Andreia S Margarido, Ji-Ying Song, Mark C de Gooijer, Hendrik A Messal, Cecilia R Chambers, Max Nobis, Ceren H Çitirikkaya, Kerstin Hahn, Danielle Seinstra, David Herrmann, Paul Timpson, Pieter Wesseling, Olaf van Tellingen, Claire Vennin, Jacco van Rheenen
  • 2023
    Nature Cancer10.1038/s43018-023-00614-y

    A first-in-class pan-lysyl oxidase inhibitor impairs stromal remodeling and enhances gemcitabine response and survival in pancreatic cancer.

    Jessica L Chitty, Michelle Yam, Lara Perryman, Amelia L Parker, Joanna N Skhinas, Yordanos F I Setargew, Ellie T Y Mok, Emmi Tran, Rhiannon D Grant, Sharissa L Latham, Brooke A Pereira, Shona C Ritchie, Kendelle J Murphy, Michael Trpceski, Alison D Findlay, Pauline Melenec, Elysse C Filipe, Audrey Nadalini, Sipiththa Velayuthar, Gretel Major, Kaitlin Wyllie, Michael Papanicolaou, Shivanjali Ratnaseelan, Phoebe A Phillips, George Sharbeen, Janet Youkhana, Alice Russo, Antonia Blackwell, Jordan F Hastings, Morghan C Lucas, Cecilia R Chambers, Daniel A Reed, Janett Stoehr, Claire Vennin, Ruth Pidsley, Anaiis Zaratzian, Andrew M Da Silva, Michael Tayao, Brett Charlton, David Herrmann, Max Nobis, Susan J Clark, Andrew V Biankin, Amber L Johns, David R Croucher, Adnan Nagrial, Anthony J Gill, Sean M Grimmond, , , Marina Pajic, Paul Timpson, Wolfgang Jarolimek, Thomas R Cox
  • 2023
    Science Advances10.1126/sciadv.adf9063

    Monitoring AKT activity and targeting in live tissue and disease contexts using a real-time Akt-FRET biosensor mouse.

    James R W Conway, Sean C Warren, Young-Kyung Lee, Andrew T McCulloch, Astrid Magenau, Victoria Lee, Xanthe L Metcalf, Janett Stoehr, Katharina Haigh, Lea Abdulkhalek, Cristian S Guaman, Daniel A Reed, Kendelle J Murphy, Brooke A Pereira, Pauline Mélénec, Cecilia Chambers, Sharissa L Latham, Helen Lenthall, Elissa K Deenick, Yuanqing Ma, Tri Phan, Elgene Lim, Anthony M Joshua, Stacey Walters, Shane T Grey, Yan-Chuan Shi, Lei Zhang, Herbert Herzog, David R Croucher, Andy Philp, Colinda L G J Scheele, David Herrmann, Owen J Sansom, Jennifer P Morton, Antonella Papa, Jody J Haigh, Max Nobis, Paul Timpson
  • 2022

    Cell-derived Matrix Assays to Assess Extracellular Matrix Architecture and Track Cell Movement.

    Kendelle J Murphy, Daniel A Reed, Cecilia R Chambers, Jessie Zhu, Astrid Magenau, Brooke A Pereira, Paul Timpson, David Herrmann