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David Zahra

Dr David Zahra

Group Leader
B Cell Biology Lab

Dr David Zahra obtained his Honours degree in Science from the University of Sydney in 1991 where he majored in Chemistry and Genetics. He completed his PhD in 1995 under the supervision of Roger Reddel at the Children’s Medical Research Institute where he worked on viral proteins that facilitate the immortalisation of human cells. In 1996 he took up a research scientist position at the CRC for Biopharmaceuticals where he developed an in vitro antibody library maturation process to improve the ability to isolate antibodies against a number of targets. In 1999 he moved to the University of New South Wales and undertook studies into the causes of rheumatoid arthritis and developed a tissue bank from arthritic patients in conjunction with St Vincent’s Hospital at Darlinghurst. In 2002, he was recruited to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research’s Immunology program. David developed a number of antibodies for the treatment of inflammatory disease. Antibodies were isolated from mice against difficult targets and these antibodies were shown to be effective in the treatment of inflammatory disease. Two key antibodies were humanised and developed for pre-clinical analysis prior to being licenced to major pharmaceutical companies for human pre-clinical and clinical trials. In 2013, David was appointed as a Group Leader of the Genomic Engineering Group in the Institute’s Immunology Division.

Selected Publications

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  • 2023
    The Journal of experimental medicine10.1084/jem.20221020

    Human PIK3R1 mutations disrupt lymphocyte differentiation to cause activated PI3Kδ syndrome 2.

    Tina Nguyen, Anthony Lau, Julia Bier, Kristen C Cooke, Helen Lenthall, Stephanie Ruiz-Diaz, Danielle T Avery, Henry Brigden, David Zahra, William A Sewell, Luke Droney, Satoshi Okada, Takaki Asano, Hassan Abolhassani, Zahra Chavoshzadeh, Roshini S Abraham, Nipunie Rajapakse, Eric W Klee, Joseph A Church, Andrew Williams, Melanie Wong, Christoph Burkhart, Gulbu Uzel, David R Croucher, David E James, Cindy S Ma, Robert Brink, Stuart G Tangye, Elissa K Deenick
  • 2022

    The retroelement Lx9 puts a brake on the immune response to virus infection.

    Nenad Bartonicek, Romain Rouet, Joanna Warren, Claudia Loetsch, Gabriela Santos Rodriguez, Stacey Walters, Francis Lin, David Zahra, James Blackburn, Jillian M Hammond, Andre L M Reis, Ira W Deveson, Nathan Zammit, Mahdi Zeraati, Shane Grey, Daniel Christ, John S Mattick, Tatyana Chtanova, Robert Brink, Marcel E Dinger, Robert J Weatheritt, Jonathan Sprent, Cecile King
  • 2021

    Positive selection of IgG over IgM B cells in the germinal center reaction.

    Christopher Sundling, Angelica W Y Lau, Katherine Bourne, Clara Young, Candy Laurianto, Jana R Hermes, Rosemary J Menzies, Danyal Butt, Nike J Kräutler, David Zahra, Dan Suan, Robert Brink
  • 2019
    Nature immunology10.1038/s41590-019-0492-0

    Denisovan, modern human and mouse TNFAIP3 alleles tune A20 phosphorylation and immunity.

    Nathan W Zammit, Owen M Siggs, Paul E Gray, Keisuke Horikawa, David B Langley, Stacey N Walters, Stephen R Daley, Claudia Loetsch, Joanna Warren, Jin Yan Yap, Daniele Cultrone, Amanda Russell, Elisabeth K Malle, Jeanette E Villanueva, Mark J Cowley, Velimir Gayevskiy, Marcel E Dinger, Robert Brink, David Zahra, Geeta Chaudhri, Gunasegaran Karupiah, Belinda Whittle, Carla Roots, Edward Bertram, Michiko Yamada, Yogesh Jeelall, Anselm Enders, Benjamin E Clifton, Peter D Mabbitt, Colin J Jackson, Susan R Watson, Craig N Jenne, Lewis L Lanier, Tim Wiltshire, Matthew H Spitzer, Garry P Nolan, Frank Schmitz, Alan Aderem, Benjamin T Porebski, Ashley M Buckle, Derek W Abbott, John B Ziegler, Maria E Craig, Paul Benitez-Aguirre, Juliana Teo, Stuart G Tangye, Cecile King, Melanie Wong, Murray P Cox, Wilson Phung, Jia Tang, Wendy Sandoval, Ingrid E Wertz, Daniel Christ, Christopher C Goodnow, Shane T Grey
  • 2019
    The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology10.1016/j.jaci.2019.02.010

    B cell-intrinsic requirement for STK4 in humoral immunity in mice and human subjects.

    Imogen Moran, Danielle T Avery, Kathryn Payne, Helen Lenthall, E Graham Davies, Siobhan Burns, Winnie Ip, Matÿfffedas M Oleastro, Ismail Reisli, Sukru Guner, Sevgi Keles, Luigi Notarangelo, Elissa K Deenick, Christopher C Goodnow, David Zahra, Robert Brink, , Melanie Wong, Stuart G Tangye, Cindy S Ma, Tri Giang Phan