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Frank Lin

Dr Frank Lin

Senior Research Officer
Genomic Cancer Medicine Lab

Dr Frank Lin is a medical oncologist and a biomedical informatician at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. He completed his undergraduate medical training in New Zealand in 2003 (University of Otago). After his internship year, he undertook doctoral studies in biomedical informatics at the University of New South Wales, using informatics to study virulence factors of clinically relevant bacterial pathogens. He then commenced physician training in both New Zealand (Waikato Hospital) and Australia (St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney), specialising in medical oncology.

The broad theme of his research is in the study of computational strategies to address complex information needs faced by oncologists, patients, and researchers alike. He is particularly interested in translating clinical and genomic data to deliver precision care in the oncology clinics. Some of his works, in the areas of machine learning-based decision support, electronic medical record (EMR) analysis, and clinical text mining, have been recognised previously.

He has developed several open-source software projects for EMR-based clinical research, including a text mining pipeline for knowledge discovery from the EMR and a specialised ontology for profiling treatment outcomes of cancer patients from EMR. He is an editorial board member of JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics.

He also maintains an open-source decision-support tool for guiding evidence-based recommendations of treatment and clinical trials based on cancer molecular biomarkers.


  • 2019ASCO Breakthrough Abstract Award
  • 2018ANZUP/AstraZeneca Travel Fellowship
  • 2018Waikato Medical Research Foundation Research Grant
  • 2017Best Paper: Contributions from the 2016 Literature on Clinical Decision Support (IMIA)
  • 2017RACP Trainee Research Award of Excellence
  • 2016Best Trainee Research Poster Award (Medical Oncology Group of Australia ASM - Gold Coast)
  • 2016John Shine Translational Research Fellowship (SVHS/Garvan)
  • 2011Best Research Poster Award (Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Conference - Singapore)
  • 2005Australian Postgraduate Award (UNSW)
  • 2001Summer Research Scholarship (University of Otago)

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