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Jim Blackburn

Dr Jim Blackburn

Head Genomics Platform

Dr Jim Blackburn is Head of the Garvan Genomics Platform, overseeing key responsibilities related to the advancement and delivery of genomic sequencing, single cell and spatial technologies, and flow cytometry services. Originally from the UK, he studied at the University of Manchester and Imperial College London before undertaking postdoctoral and leadership positions at King's College London and the Garvan Institute. With over 23 years of extensive scientific experience, Dr Blackburn’s expertise spans a wide array of research disciplines – from genomics and transcriptomics to molecular and developmental genetics (including “EvoDevo”). This extensive background has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications and pioneering innovations.

Dr Blackburn's passion for leading the development, adaptation and implementation of cutting-edge techniques and tools for both basic (fundamental) and translational research has so far resulted in the creation of two research-validated diagnostics for cancer-associated fusion genes, and a novel protocol for improving the precision with which protein-DNA regulatory interactions are identified (ChIP-CapSeq).

Recognising the importance of a strong STEM education in nurturing the future generation of scientists, Dr Blackburn is actively involved in mentoring and supervising honours and graduate students at UNSW Sydney - contributing further by delivering undergraduate course lectures for the School of Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences.


  • 2018Winner of the Choong-Dickinson Best Poster Award at the ASSG / ASG Annual Scientific Meeting
  • 2016Winner of the ABCAM Best Poster at the 5th Annual Garvan Post Doctoral Symposium

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