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Manu Singh

Manu Singh

Senior Research Officer
Immunogenomics Lab

Manu Singh is an early career researcher in the Immunogenomics Laboratory at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and leads a research program that develops and applies single-cell multi-omic technologies to profile the adaptive immune system. Throughout his career, he has pioneered the development and implementation of key technologies to profile the adaptive immune response, gaining broad expertise in immunology, cellular genomics and biotechnology development. These transformative single cell technologies have been applied to address outstanding questions in immunology, such as the clonal evolution of self-reactive B cells in human autoimmune patients.


  • 2022NHMRC Investigator Grant EL1
  • 2020Oxford Nanopore travel grant
  • 2019IUIS travel grant to attend the International Congress of Immunology - Beijing - China
  • 2019Palmer Innovation prize
  • 2018Best early career researcher oral presentation. Oz Single Cells conference - Melbourne.
  • 2015JDRF international travel grant