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Marcel Batten

Dr Marcel Batten

Program Manager
Swarbrick Lab

Dr Marcel Batten is the Cancer Ecosystems Program Manager as well as Project Manager for the Swarbrick Lab, including supporting the Breast Cancer Atlas Consortium.

Marcel has a PhD and significant experience in immunology and immuno-oncology research. She undertook postdoctoral training at Genentech Inc., San Francisco, before becoming a Laboratory Head in Immunology the Garvan Institute, and later, Immuno-Oncology Researcher with the Melanoma Institute Australia. Her expertise centres on characterisation of novel immune signalling mediators and optimisation of adaptive immune responses. She has served in a project management capacity with the Clinical Immunogenomics Research Consortium Australia, The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network, and the University of Sydney Research Networks Office.

Garvan based publications can be seen at the link below. Several external papers of note are as follows:

Rebecca C. Simpson*, Erin R. Shanahan*, Marcel Batten*, Irene L. M. Reijers, Mark Read, Ines P. Silva, Judith Versluis, Rosilene Ribeiro, Alexandra S. Angelatos, Jian Tan, Chandra Adhikari, Alexander M. Menzies, Robyn P. Saw, Maria Gonzalez, Kerwin F. Shannon, Andrew J. Spillane, Rebecca Velickovic, Laurence Macia, Andrew J. Holmes, James S. Wilmott, Christian U. Blank, Richard A. Scolyer, Georgina V. Long. (2022).

Diet-driven microbial ecology underpins associations between cancer immunotherapy outcomes and the gut microbiome. Nature Medicine *indicates co-first authorship

Tuba N. Gide, Inês Pires da Silva, Camelia Quek, Peter M. Ferguson, Marcel Batten, Ping Shang, Tasnia Ahmed, Alexander M. Menzies, Matteo S. Carlino, Robyn P. M. Saw, John F. Thompson, Richard A. Scolyer, Georgina V. Long, and James S. Wilmott. (2021).

Clinical and Molecular Heterogeneity in Patients with Innate Resistance to Anti-PD-1 +/− Anti-CTLA-4 Immunotherapy in Metastatic Melanoma Reveals Distinct Therapeutic Targets. Cancers

Gide, T.N., C. Quek, A.M. Menzies, A.T. Tasker, P. Shang, J. Holst, J. Madore, S.Y. Lim, R. Velickovic, M. Wongchenko, Y. Yan, S. Lo, M.S. Carlino, A. Guminski, R.P.M. Saw, A. Pang, H.M. McGuire, U. Palendira, J.F. Thompson, H. Rizos, I.P.D. Silva, M. Batten, R.A. Scolyer, G.V. Long, and J.S. Wilmott. (2019).

Distinct Immune Cell Populations Define Response to Anti-PD-1 Monotherapy and Anti-PD-1/Anti-CTLA-4 Combined Therapy. Cancer Cell 35:238-255 e236.

M. Batten., J. Li, S. Yi, N. M. Kljavin, D. M. Danilenko, S. Lucas, J. Lee, F. J. de Sauvage, and N. Ghilardi. (2006).

Interleukin 27 limits autoimmune encephalomyelitis by suppressing the development of interleukin 17-producing T cells. Nat Immunol 7: 929-936.

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