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Paul Timpson

Professor Paul Timpson

Program Director - Cancer Ecosystems / Laboratory Head - Invasion and Metastasis
Invasion and Metastasis Lab

Professor Paul Timpson completed his PhD with Professor Margaret Frame at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, UK in 2002 where he assessed the interplay between Src family kinases and the actin cytoskeleton during cancer cell invasion, focusing on the role of Rho family GTPases. He then moved to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2003 to work with Professor Roger Daly investigating the role of the actin-binding protein cortactin in growth factor receptor trafficking in breast cancer and head and neck cancers.

Paul was awarded an AstraZeneca Postdoctoral Research Fellowship allowing him to return to the Beatson Institute in 2007, to work with Professor Kurt Anderson in collaboration with AstraZeneca Advanced Technology Laboratories. This ongoing work has focused upon the development of novel multi-disciplinary live imaging techniques to investigate molecular dynamics of cancer cells in vivo.

Having returned to Australia to establish a research group in November 2012 within the Cancer Program, Paul aims to understand disease in the context of the surrounding environment using cutting edge in vitro and in vivo imaging technology. Pinpointing the molecular drivers of cancer progression and the environmental cues that cause resistance to current systemic therapy are the focus of his research.


  • 2023NHMRC Investigator Grant - Australia
  • 2018NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship - Australia
  • 2013CINSW Fellowship - NSW - Sydney - Australia
  • 2012Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship - Australia
  • 2011European Association for Cancer Research Award (EACR) Australia
  • 2010Actin Prize - Bristol - UK
  • 2010Cancer Research UK - CRUK posdoctoral Research Award - UK
  • 2007AstraZeneca Research Fellowship - UK
  • 2004AMGEN Postdoctoral Early Career Research prize - Australia
  • 2001Beatson Institute PhD Career Development award - Glasgow - UK
  • 2001Cancer Research Campaign - PhD Award - London - UK
  • 1998GlaxoWellcome - University (Hons) award - Pharmacology - UK

Selected publications

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  • 2023
    Science Advances10.1126/sciadv.adf9063

    Monitoring AKT activity and targeting in live tissue and disease contexts using a real-time Akt-FRET biosensor mouse.

    James R W Conway, Sean C Warren, Young-Kyung Lee, Andrew T McCulloch, Astrid Magenau, Victoria Lee, Xanthe L Metcalf, Janett Stoehr, Katharina Haigh, Lea Abdulkhalek, Cristian S Guaman, Daniel A Reed, Kendelle J Murphy, Brooke A Pereira, Pauline Mélénec, Cecilia Chambers, Sharissa L Latham, Helen Lenthall, Elissa K Deenick, Yuanqing Ma, Tri Phan, Elgene Lim, Anthony M Joshua, Stacey Walters, Shane T Grey, Yan-Chuan Shi, Lei Zhang, Herbert Herzog, David R Croucher, Andy Philp, Colinda L G J Scheele, David Herrmann, Owen J Sansom, Jennifer P Morton, Antonella Papa, Jody J Haigh, Max Nobis, Paul Timpson
  • 2021
    Science Advances10.1126/sciadv.abh0363

    Intravital imaging technology guides FAK-mediated priming in pancreatic cancer precision medicine according to Merlin status.

    Kendelle J Murphy, Daniel A Reed, Claire Vennin, James R W Conway, Max Nobis, Julia X Yin, Cecilia R Chambers, Brooke A Pereira, Victoria Lee, Elysse C Filipe, Michael Trpceski, Shona Ritchie, Morghan C Lucas, Sean C Warren, Joanna N Skhinas, Astrid Magenau, Xanthe L Metcalf, Janett Stoehr, Gretel Major, Ashleigh Parkin, Romain Bidanel, Ruth J Lyons, Anaiis Zaratzian, Michael Tayao, Andrew Da Silva, Lea Abdulkhalek, , , Anthony J Gill, Amber L Johns, Andrew V Biankin, Jaswinder Samra, Sean M Grimmond, Angela Chou, Jacky G Goetz, Michael S Samuel, J Guy Lyons, Andrew Burgess, C Elizabeth Caldon, Lisa G Horvath, Roger J Daly, Nikolaj Gadegaard, Yingxiao Wang, Owen J Sansom, Jennifer P Morton, Thomas R Cox, Marina Pajic, David Herrmann, Paul Timpson
  • 2019
    Nature Communications10.1038/s41467-019-10968-6

    CAF hierarchy driven by pancreatic cancer cell p53-status creates a pro-metastatic and chemoresistant environment via perlecan.

    Claire Vennin, Pauline Mélénec, Romain Rouet, Max Nobis, Aurélie S Cazet, Kendelle J Murphy, David Herrmann, Daniel A Reed, Morghan C Lucas, Sean C Warren, Zehra Elgundi, Mark Pinese, Gabriella Kalna, Daniel Roden, Monisha Samuel, Anaiis Zaratzian, Shane T Grey, Andrew Da Silva, Wilfred Leung, , Suresh Mathivanan, Yingxiao Wang, Anthony W Braithwaite, Daniel Christ, Ales Benda, Ashleigh Parkin, Phoebe A Phillips, John M Whitelock, Anthony J Gill, Owen J Sansom, David R Croucher, Benjamin L Parker, Marina Pajic, Jennifer P Morton, Thomas R Cox, Paul Timpson
  • 2017
    Science Translational Medicine10.1126/scitranslmed.aai8504

    Transient tissue priming via ROCK inhibition uncouples pancreatic cancer progression, sensitivity to chemotherapy, and metastasis.

    Claire Vennin, Venessa T Chin, Sean C Warren, Morghan C Lucas, David Herrmann, Astrid Magenau, Pauline Melenec, Stacey N Walters, Gonzalo Del Monte-Nieto, James R W Conway, Max Nobis, Amr H Allam, Rachael A McCloy, Nicola Currey, Mark Pinese, Alice Boulghourjian, Anaiis Zaratzian, Arne A S Adam, Celine Heu, Adnan M Nagrial, Angela Chou, Angela Steinmann, Alison Drury, Danielle Froio, Marc Giry-Laterriere, Nathanial L E Harris, Tri Phan, Rohit Jain, Wolfgang Weninger, Ewan J McGhee, Renee Whan, Amber L Johns, Jaswinder S Samra, Lorraine Chantrill, Anthony J Gill, Maija Kohonen-Corish, Richard P Harvey, Andrew V Biankin, , T R Jeffry Evans, Kurt I Anderson, Shane T Grey, Christopher J Ormandy, David Gallego-Ortega, Yingxiao Wang, Michael S Samuel, Owen J Sansom, Andrew Burgess, Thomas R Cox, Jennifer P Morton, Marina Pajic, Paul Timpson
  • 2018

    Removing physiological motion from intravital and clinical functional imaging data.

    Sean C Warren, Max Nobis, Astrid Magenau, Yousuf H Mohammed, David Herrmann, Imogen Moran, Claire Vennin, James Rw Conway, Pauline Mélénec, Thomas R Cox, Yingxiao Wang, Jennifer P Morton, Heidi Ce Welch, Douglas Strathdee, Kurt I Anderson, Tri Giang Phan, Michael S Roberts, Paul Timpson