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Thach Tran

Dr Thach Tran

Senior Research Officer
Bone Epidemiology, Clinical and Translation Science Lab

After completing his Doctor of Medicine and specialist training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OG), Dr Thach Tran completed his PhD on clinical epidemiology of nosocomial infection in OG at Prince of Songkla University in 1999. He previously worked as both a senior consultant in OG and a university lecturer in Vietnam until 2011 when he migrated to Australia. He was also working as a technical consultant and member of World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline development groups in management of high-risk pregnancy (2006-2014), and a primary statistician for several large randomised controlled trials in Australia (2011-2014). He has extensive experience in experimental design and data analysis, including modelling complex longitudinal related data, developing a prediction model, and analysing linked health care data, as well as managing big and complex datasets, particularly nation-wide linked data.

Since joining the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2014, Thach has played an important role in the analysis of observational data from several large prospective cohorts to determine the contribution of fragility fractures on mortality and develop a model for predicting the conceptual risks of both fragility fractures and mortality in the elderly. He is interested in the implementation of novel and robust statistical analysis approaches to investigate the trajectories to subsequent hospital admissions and mortality following specific fragility fractures, and the interactions between multimorbidity and post-fracture mortality.

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