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Venessa Chin

Dr Venessa Chin

Research Officer
Computational Genomics Lab

Dr Venessa Chin is a medical oncologist working at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre in the fields of lung and head and neck cancer. She worked with the Personalised Cancer Therapeutics group during her PhD, which looked at using genomics to inform therapeutic discoveries in pancreas cancer. Her work included a meta-analysis, in vitro and in vivo analysis of rationally selected drug targets, and analysis of metastasis formation in real time.

She is now part of the Cancer Developmental Biology group, where she is the lung cancer research fellow. Here she is working on the genomic events which drive primary and metastasis formation in non small cell and small cell lung cancer.


  • 2014Best young oncologist oral presentation
  • 2013NHMRC full PhD scholarship
  • 2013Pancare full PhD scholarship
  • 2013Sydney Catalyst full PhD scholarship
  • 2011RACP - Research entry scholarship

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