A/Prof Elissa Deenick

A/Prof Elissa Deenick

Elissa undertook her PhD with Dr Phil Hodgkin at the Centenary Institute/University of Sydney. Following her PhD she moved to Canada to take up a postdoctoral position in the lab of Dr Pam Ohashi at the University of Toronto looking at the signalling pathways controlling T cell activation and tolera


Elissa undertook her PhD with Dr Phil Hodgkin at the Centenary Institute/University of Sydney. Following her PhD she moved to Canada to take up a postdoctoral position in the lab of Dr Pam Ohashi at the University of Toronto looking at the signalling pathways controlling T cell activation and tolerance.

In 2007 she returned to Sydney to work at the Garvan Institute, where she is currently a Lab Head in the Immunology Research Program. Here she has continued her interests in lymphocyte activation and differentiation, using both mouse models and primary human cells to investigate the signals that control these processes.



PhD University of Sydney - Australia
BMedSci (Hons) University of Sydney - Australia

Selected Publications

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