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Kamila Marzec

Dr Kamila Marzec

Program Manager
Lymphocyte Signalling and Activation Lab

Dr Kamila Marzec is the Precision Immunology Program Manager where she supports team leaders with a variety of research management tasks, including funding applications and budgeting, ethics and governance submissions, legal agreements, conference/seminar organisation, and marketing/communications. She is proud to be involved in impactful clinical research projects where she is responsible for study coordination and stakeholder engagement.

Kamila obtained a PhD in cancer cell biology from The University of Sydney under the supervision of Prof Robert Baxter at the Kolling Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital, and has completed post-doctoral training at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, as well as the ANZAC Research Institute. More recently, Dr Marzec combined her laboratory skills in microscopy and flow cytometry, with her project management expertise to effectively manage the Fluorescence Core Facility at the ANZAC Research Institute. As well as her extensive experience in academic settings, Dr Marzec has also contributed to industry as an Analytical Biochemist in NATA-accredited testing laboratories of the National Measurement Institute, where she gained training in method validation and document regulation.

Selected Publications:

• Marzec, K. A., Rogers, S., McCloy, R., Parker, B. L., James, D. E., Watkins, D. N., Burgess, A. (2022). "SILAC kinase screen identifies potential MASTL substrates." Sci Rep 12(1): 10568.

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• Johnson, T. G., Schelch, K., Lai, K., Marzec, K. A., Kennerson, M., Grusch, M., Reid, G., Burgess, A. (2020). "YB-1 Knockdown Inhibits the Proliferation of Mesothelioma Cells through Multiple Mechanisms." Cancers (Basel) 12(8).

• Burgess, A., Vuong, J., Marzec, K. A., Nicolai de Lichtenberg, U., O'Donoghue, S. I., Jensen, L. J. (2019). "SnapShot: S-Phase Entry and Exit." Cell 179(3): 802-802 e801.

• Marzec, K. and A. Burgess (2018). "The Oncogenic Functions of MASTL Kinase." Front Cell Dev Biol 6: 162.

• Marzec, K. A., Martino-Echarri, E., Irminger-Finger, I., Henderson, B. R. (2016). "BARD1 splice variants display mislocalization in breast cancer cells and can alter the apoptotic response to cisplatin." Cancer Lett 381(1): 149-155.

• Tembe, V., Martino-Echarri, E., Marzec, K. A., Mok, M. T., Brodie, K. M., Mills, K., Lei, Y., DeFazio, A., Rizos, H., Kettle, E., Boadle, R., Henderson, B. R. (2015). "The BARD1 BRCT domain contributes to p53 binding, cytoplasmic and mitochondrial localization, and apoptotic function." Cell Signal 27(9): 1763-1771.

• Marzec, K. A., Lin, M. Z., Martin, J. L., Baxter, R. C. (2015). "Involvement of p53 in insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 regulation in the breast cancer cell response to DNA damage." Oncotarget 6(29): 26583-26598.

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