About the centre

About the centre

Cellular genomics – the  study of the genetic makeup of a single cell is a revolutionary technology that’s transforming biological and medical research.

At the heart of cellular genomics is the ability to generate genomic or proteomic information from a single cell, in large quantities and quickly. This reveals the cellular mechanisms that lead to disease — from which we can:

  • develop early stage screening and diagnostic methods
  • identify the best treatment options for individual patients
  • and ultimately develop therapies that target disease-causing cells.

Our mission

Our mission is to use cellular genomics to ask paradigm-changing questions in medical research, and help solve some of the most pressing challenges.

The Centre houses a cellular genomics facility with cutting edge services for researchers and industry partners. We’re a team developing new technologies to solve critical problems; and our research programs focus on both fundamental and translational cellular genomics.

To realise the potential of cellular genomics, we’ve brought together several intersecting technologies. The Garvan-Weizmann Centre is one of the few global sites where state-of-the-art technologies are seamlessly integrated, including the latest platforms in flow cytometry, microfluidics, genomics, high-performance computing and bioinformatics.

The Centre is staffed by technical experts and talented researchers, who use this technology to realise the full potential of the new era in medical research.