About the centre

Why a joint Centre for Cellular Genomics?

To realise the full potential of cellular genomics, it is crucial to bring together several intersecting technologies. The Centre fulfils this function, acting as a seamlessly integrated ‘one-stop shop’ to bring together state-of-the- art technologies in cell handling, genomics (the analysis of the genome and its outputs in the cell) and informatics (drawing meaning from highly complex data).

The Centre is the only site in the southern hemisphere where these key technologies, along with the talented experts who can innovate to make best use of them, are brought together under one roof. For this reason, the Centre is uniquely placed to drive cellular genomics forward — and it is already enabling ambitious experimental projects that few other centres can offer.

Staff and student exchange

Researchers and postgraduate students involved in collaborative research programs within the Garvan-Weizmann partnership will spend time at the partner institution — with Garvan scientists being seconded to Weizmann, and vice versa.

The exchange program will facilitate the free sharing of expertise and know-how, exchanging of ideas and the development of entirely new technological applications. In doing so, it will accelerate the process of biomedical discovery, making a measurable difference to the pace of research outputs at both Garvan and Weizmann.

The exchange program makes it possible to support one of our greatest assets, talented Garvan and Weizmann scientists working on specific research programs. The timing of exchange visits, and the researchers who undertake them, will be chosen strategically for maximum benefit to the research program.