Attending the Seminars

Leaders in Science and Society seminars run from 12-1pm in our auditorium, and are attended by staff and students from Garvan and the wider St Vincent’s Hospital research precinct. 

External staff and students – as well as members of the public with an interest in medical science – are welcome to attend the seminars.

Leaders in Science and Society Seminars

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Our Leaders in Science and Society seminars program features renowned Australian and international specialists from a variety of organisations. The seminars are intended to engage, educate and inspire our researchers. 

2017 Leaders in Science and Society Speakers:

Mark Chee23 January
Dr Mark Chee
Chief Executive Officer, Prognosys Biosciences
“A perspective on Genomics Technologies”

Greg Gibson9 February
Professor Greg Gibson
Professor of Integrative Genomics, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Transcriptomics for Personalised Medicine”

Bruce Stillman

20 February
Professor Bruce Stillman
President, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, USA
“The Origin Recognition Complex and Chromosome Duplication: Structure, Function and Human Genetics”

Dinshaw J Patel27 February
Dr Dinshaw J Patel
Abby Rockefeller Mauze Chair in Experimental Therapeutics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center USA
“Structural Biology of RNA-mediated Gene Regulation and cGAS-STING-mediated Immune Regulation”

Wieland Huttner6 March
Professor Wieland Huttner
Managing Director, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany 
“Neural stem and progenitor cells and neocortex expansion in development and evolution” 

Mark Smythe13 March
Professor Mark Smyth
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
“Immunotherapy – the fourth pillar of cancer treatment”

Ingrid Scheffer22 March
Professor Ingrid Scheffer
Epilepsy Research Centre, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Brain Centre
“How Genomics is Transforming Epilepsy Care”

David Cooper27 March
Professor David Cooper
Director, The Kirby Institute, Sydney
“Antiretroviral therapy for HIV: 30 years in 30 minutes”

Thomas Barlow3 April
Mr Thomas Barlow
Barlow Advisory
“Australia’s Economy of Ideas - trends in scientific discovery during an age of uncertainty”

Matt Cooper10 April
Professor Matt Cooper
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland
“Infection and innate immunity: Follow the bugs to get to the drugs”

Glenn Marshall1 May 
Professor Glenn Marshall
Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital Sydney

Cath Suter22 May
Associate Professor Cath Suter
Head, Epigenetics Laboratory, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Emad El-Omar5 June
Professor Emad El-Omar
Professor of Medicine/Editor in Chief, GUT, UNSW Sydney

Adrian Liston21 August
Professor Adrian Liston
Professor of Translational Immunology, University of Leuven

Michelle Simmons4 September
Professor Michelle Simmons
Director, Centre for Quantum Computational & Communication Technology, UNSW Sydney

Svetha Venkatesh11 September
Professor Svetha Venkatesh
Deakin University

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