Public seminars

Join us in 2019/20 to hear from some of the world's leading researchers and learn about Garvan's exciting research.

Public seminars

Beyond 2020: Healthcare of the future

10 December 2019, 10am to 11.30am

We might not have discovered the elixir of life, but what does the future hold for healthcare? Join us in speculating how can we share medical information securely, store terabytes of genetic code with cloud technology, prevent disease and ultimately master the course of our lives.

Lifestyle and Disease

25 March 2020, 10am to 11.30am

Lifestyle related diseases – diabetes, obesity and metabolic diseases are often associated with genetic and lifestyle factors. The onset of these diseases is insidious and once developed do not lend themselves to a cure. Our aim is to understand why these diseases occur and how we can better treat and hopefully prevent them. Join us for a motivational and practical session.


24 June 2020, 10am to 11.30am

Cancer is a genetic disease and affects almost every Australian, directly or indirectly. We’re developing better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancers both rare and more common cancers like breast, prostate, pancreatic, brain, sarcoma and more. We also run extensive clinical trials programs Join us to hear the latest in cancer research.


All seminars take place in the auditorium at Garvan Institute of Medical Research, 384 Victoria Street (enter via Burton Street), Darlinghurst, NSW 2010.