1973 Developed life-saving insulin infusion technique to treat a complication of diabetes (ketoacidosis)
1983-6 Discovered the potential beneficial effects of fish oil in the diet
1986          Produced Australia's first genetically engineered human therapeutic growth hormone (with UNSW & CSL)
1990 Cloned the first human galanin, a brain chemical that regulates appetite, anxiety and depression
1992 Demonstrated that the Vitamin D receptor gene is responsible for differences in bone density
1993-4 Discovered the role of cyclins in breast cancer (one of the top 20 advances in breast cancer in the decade)
1998 Identified the chromosomal region responsible for susceptibility to manic depressive illness
1999-2005 Developed methods to culture adult nerve stem cells capable of generating new brain cells.
2000 Uncovered the role of abdominal fat in determining risk of type 2 diabetes and influencing insulin resistance
2002 Discovered that the brain controls bone density through the neuropeptide Y receptor
2003 Identified the role of several genes in asthma development
2005 Identified a pathway that reveals how a stress hormone in the brain can suppress the immune system
2006 Discovered the link between the nervous and immune systems, suggesting novel treatments for stress related disorders
2009 Identified the links between diet, gut bacteria and the immune system; highlighting the importance of insoluble dietary fibre in keeping many diseases at bay
2009   Garvan takes a leading role in the Australian arm of the International Cancer Genome Consortium
2006-2010 Developed and commercialised a treatment for inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
2010   Showed for the first time that even modest weight loss of 6kgs reverses many of the damaging changes often seen in the immune cells of obese people     
2010 Demonstrated for the first time that a primary tumour can be shrunk by inhibiting a class of gene known as 'microRNA'
2010 Discovered that extensive 'long-range' gene silencing is common in cancer, with up to 3% of the genome affected.
2010 Demonstrated that insulin resistance caused by Hepatitis C is in muscle and not liver.
2010 Demonstrated a signalling network in basal breast cancer cells based on tyrosine phosphorylation.
2011 Developed an iron-chelating technique with the potential to enhance the survival and function of transplanted pancreatic islet cells in people with type 1 diabetes.
2011 Showed that the main effective treatment for osteoporosis extends survival by up to five years.
2011 Identified a panel of ovarian epigenetic biomarkers for early detection of ovarian cancer.
2012 Identified how the production of autoantibodies (antibodies that attack 'self') is prevented during normal immune responses.
2012 Sequenced the pancreatic cancer genome as part of Australia's participation in the International Cancer Genome Consortium.
2013 Discovered how brain NPY controls temperature regulation in brown fat and how this affects weight loss in obese people.
2013 Discovered that remodelling of the Cancer Epigenome causes large regions of the genome to become activated and genetically unstable.


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